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DeFiGeek Community

What's DFGC

DeFiGeek Community (DFGC) is a decentralized community that develops DeFi Dapps and tools that contribute to the advancement of Web3.


Dapp Development

DFGC is working on and envisioning various Dapps. The first Dapp is the Yamato Protocol, a crypto-backed stablecoin pegged to the JPY.


DAO:Decentralized Autonomous Organization

DFGC aims to be a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). There has been no bureaucracy or hierarchy of authority. No permanent role has assigned to individuals. Any community members is welcome to raise your hand to take over tasks or propose new ideas to run new initiatives, subject to pass by community voting.


DeFi Support

DFGC is not a community just for developers. This is an open community for DeFiers, and anyone interested in DeFi is welcome to join here and learn from others.

Join our team!

We are looking forward working with you are interested in Web3 or wants to contribute developing for DeFi Dapps.

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