TXJP Token

  • TXJP is the DeFiGeek Community native token.
  • DeFiGeek Community runs own treasury fund. We consider treasury strategies and TXJP holders can vote to adopt or reject its strategies using TXJP.
  • The TXJP fund is a seed investor that invests in new Dapp and tools developed by DFGC.
  • For the latest allocation, please refer to “Token holders” section on monthly financial reports at https://defigeek.xyz/en/blog/

Benefit of TXJP holder

  1. A portion of the new Dapp tokens developed by the community will be allocated to TXJP holders.
  • The our first Dapp is Yamato Protocol that allows users to generate crypto-backed stablecoin. This utility token is YMT. Part of it will be allocated to TXJP holders.
  • Our idea is not only one. We have various ideas about Dapps and tools in addition. Those utility tokens are also same scheme as Yamato protocol in planning.
  1. The fees and donations from our Dapps and tools will be added to the TXJP fund.

  2. TXJP represents the voting rights on the management strategy of the community fund.

  • TXJP holders have the ability to vote on important issues such as the investment policy of the community fund.
  • For example, the fund will participate in seed investments in DeFi projects. This is a great way to expand into investment areas that individuals cannot participate in.

More about fund management

  1. On a quarterly basis, we buy & pool (Balancer LP) TXJP on the open market by using 3% (variable) of the fund capital.

  2. The fund is operated and managed through proposals and votes by TXJP holders.

TXJP Utility Planning

  • Enhance governance functions
  • Fund management format with DAO
  • Donation Events Round 2~3. This would help to increase liquidity and capital, and stabilize the TXJP price.
  • Providing liquidity to multiple DEX (Balancer v2 80:20, Uniswap v3 10%~10000%)
  • Listed on sites such as CoinGecko
  • To be able to be collateralized with Lending Dapps

How to get TXJP?

  • Contribution in DFGC
    • Paid by Community Treasury based on contribution
    • For more information on how to contribute, see here.
  • Donation Events

You can also get TXJP in the following open markets.

TXJP will appear by entering its contract address (0x961dd84059505d59f82ce4fb87d3c09bec65301d) in the token search field.

Latest Update 2021.11.06