Key highlights

・Gross Burn Rate: Total cash outflow (expense items: interest expense, relayers fee, labor cost, gas cost, incentives, etc.)
・Net Burn Rate: Total Cash Flow (Gross Burn Rate + Rewards Claimed, interest earned and Airdrop received)
・Runway:Total Equity / Net Burn Rate
・Liquidating value: Total Equity minus DFGC’s TXJP holdings (including TXJP in LPs).
・BPS: Liquidating Value divided by the number of tokens held by users(circulating supply).
・PBR:Multiple of token price to BPS(liq value)
・Reference data used: zapper, zerion, DeBank, Etherscan, Dextool, Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting

Balance sheet

・Fair value of assets and liabilities: Japanese yen equivalents displayed on Zerion, DeBank, and Zapper
・Paid-in capital 2018, market value of donations received in 2018-2020 are calculated in USD market value at the time of payment & applied average USD/JPY exchange rate for the three years 2018-2020 ($1=108.76Yen).
・Paid-in capital 2020, applied average USD/JPY exchange rate during July 2021 ($1=110.31).
・Paid-in capital 2022 applied mid rate of USD/JPY on each date of payment. (5th July 1$=136.14, 6th July 1$=135.69, 9th July 1$=136.06)
・OCI is market value of TXJP held by DFGC (including TXJP in LPs) and Ecdysis equity value(equity swap by using TXJP).\

Protocol Owned Liquidity

DAO Treasury health rate

Income statement

・Gas cost in JPY is used the figures displayed in Zerion.
・Other income (Others) consists mostly of LPs ETH increase and revenue recognition of TXJP expenses (both excluding fx gain/loss)
・Other expenses (Others) consists mostly of LPs ETH decrease and ETH decrase due to TXJP buy&pool (both excluding fx gain/loss)

Token holders

Balancer V1: 0xddce7b2c3f7fbc4f1eab24970c3fd26fee1ff80f
Balancer V2: 0xba12222222228d8ba445958a75a0704d566bf2c8
Uniswap V3: 0xa9166690c35d900a57d2ec132c58291bc0678944


・Balancer V1, V2 and Uniswap V3 LP positions are owned by DAO Treasury (defigeek.eth).
・Total supply is fixed at 210,000 TXJP.
・Allotment for future prospective Series A, B and C (total 31,500 TXJP) have issued and been held at Multisig Safe (safe.defigeek.eth).
・dev.defigeek.eth & cofounder.defigeek.eth hold TXJP at differnt wallet from DAO Treasury solely for a governance purpose and are included in BS as long-term deposit TXJP.

DAO activities

Please refer to Japanese version of financial report to see all transactions data.


・This report is prepared by DeFiGeek Community for the purpose of providing accounting information to ensure transparency in the use of funds.
・This report is not intended as a solicitation to invest in tokens ($TXJP, $YMT) issued by the community.
・The information in this article has been obtained from reliable sources, but we do not guarantee or promise its completeness, accuracy, or appropriateness. The community is not liable for any damages incurred by users of this article due to data, expressions, errors, etc. used in this article.
・The financial statements and key ratios used in this article have been specially prepared by the Finance Department of the community to conform to the community’s financial reporting and have not been audited by a certified public accountant or auditing firm.


defigeek.eth: 0x24dd242c3c4061b1fcaa5119af608b56afbaea95

safe.defigeek.eth: 0x153d9dd730083e53615610a0d2f6f95ab5a0bc01

devsafe.defigeek.eth (mainnet): 0x0b0A167a0b6800207c89544D2eBdC98DCdD33bec

devsafe.defigeek.eth (arbitrum): 0x0b0A167a0b6800207c89544D2eBdC98DCdD33bec

dev.defigeek.eth: 0xdc94eeeb3260d0b9bf22849e8f5d236d286cdba1

pr.defigeek.eth: 0x893e8ddef046f42df15541009a2ef885f542024c

cofounder.defigeek.eth: 0x4534f4968006ca9eca3bac922022c7ecba066e9e

$TXJP (DeFiGeek Community Japan): 0x961dd84059505d59f82ce4fb87d3c09bec65301d

$CJPY (Convertible JPY Token): 0x1cfa5641c01406ab8ac350ded7d735ec41298372

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